All pieces, originals, limited, or open edition prints that are sold through ParadisePrints are each individually hand signed by the artist before leaving our studio.
How do I preserve my Paradise Print?
In order to keep your piece of paradise in good condition, avoid hanging any type of artwork in direct sunlight or in areas of high humidity. If art is to be displayed in sunny areas, it is recommended that UV glass be used.
Are these Original Paintings?
All items identified as original paintings are the actual painting of the subject as created by the artist. They are one of a kind works of art. All original paintings are either transparent watercolor on paper or oils on either prepared canvas or prepared wood panel. All paintings are hand signed by the artist.
What is a Giclee?
Giclee (zee-clay) is the most modern digital method of fine art printing. Each original painting is scanned or photographed in the studio and stored digitally in the computer before being sent to a high resolution printer. UV stable pigmented inks, with longevity of more than 150 years, are used with continuous tone technology to create thousands of colors. The result is a print of extraordinary quality with higher resolution than that of lithography and a broader tonal range with colors more intense than that of serigraphy.
What are Limited Edition Prints?
These are giclee reproductions of the original works of art in preset limits as to how many will be printed. The size of the editions are included with the information for each print. Each piece is titled, numbered, and individually signed by the artist.
What are Open Edition Prints?
These are digitally printed reproductions of the original works of art with no limit as to how many will be printed. These prints are titled and individually signed by the artist.
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